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Counseling and Hand-Holding Program
Designed as an In-hospital intervention, the program is delivered through Sanjeevani Counselling and Rehabilitation Centres set up within the Regional cancer Centres.

Sanjeevani Counselling and Rehabilitation Centres, manned by Sanjeevani Counselors, aim to motivate and encourage patients to complete their treatment and keep a positive outlook towards treatment as well as life.

The uniqueness of the program stems from the fact that these centre’s are manned by Sanjeevani Counselors who mostly are rehabilitated cancer survivors themselves.

Project Details

To provide Sanjeevani Counselors (all rehabilitated cancer survivors themselves) at SCRCs set up in affiliated RCC’s (Super Specialty Cancer Hospitals) to handhold cancer patients and their families, during and after the treatment by:
  1. Providing emotional, psychological and logistical support to patients and their relatives;
  2. Navigate patients through the whole treatment process;
  3. Hand holding patients with limited family support through the treatment;
  4. Encourage patients to adhere to medical advice throughout as well as post treatment; and also
  5. Facilitate better and more meaningful interaction between patients and doctors.
Overall Objective of the Project:

Motivate and encourage patients to keep a positive outlook towards treatment and life and handhold the patient for in hospital facilitation thereby enriching the lives of cancer patients in a way that the patient feels more complete after the whole cancer experience and looks at this experience as an opportunity to blossom up in life and not as a catastrophe.

Location of the project:

Currently, available at 9 Regional Cancer Hospitals spread across 5 states. Sanjeevani Counselors placed in these centres touch the lives of over 25000 patients annually. To download the list of Sanjeevani Counselling and Rehabilitation Centre’s and contact details click here.

The program is funded through a grant received from M/s Mazagaon Dock Shipbuilders Limited.
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