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Project Details

We are convinced that cancer is a disease that needs to be fought more from inside.

Cancer cells which play havoc in the body and form tumors in vulnerable spaces, need to be killed to cure cancer and outside help in terms of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation is necessary but what is even more important is to help our own bodies through our immunity system to fight these cells.

We all know that there are cancer cells in all bodies, just that, in healthy bodies, they are kept in control by the healthy cells . These healthy cells can be strengthened with right food, right breathing and positive thoughts.

It is our intent to create spaces which will facilitate all of above under one roof . There would be inputs on Yoga, Meditation, Nutrition and Emotional support through experts in the field, audio visuals and support groups with personalized care.

Overall Objective of the Project:

The objective of creating these spaces is to help cancer patients deal with the side effects of modern medicine in a better way and equip them with skills which help them to take responsibility of their own health and build up their immunity systems.

Each wellness centre would support around at least 200 - 250 Cancer Patients and care-givers annually, primarily from an underprivileged background.

There would be regular sessions on the following made available to patients and care givers free of cost:

  • Psychological counseling
  • Yoga and pranayam training
  • Nutritional Guidance
  • Reflexology
  • Art, Music and dance Therapy
  • Group Therapy

The above mentioned interventions help cancer patients :

  • to get cured of cancer in a holistic manner,
  • learn to lead better lifestyles,
  • make positive changes in their mental constructs
  • take responsibility of their health and thus avoid recurrences
  • play an active role in the society rather than living as depressed beings carrying the baggage of scars of cancer

First wellness centre has been started at Mumbai in Feb 2016.

The centre at Fort, Mumbai is funded through a generous grant by M/s National Payments Corporation Limited.

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