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Best known as one of the royal cities of Rajasthan, the city of Bikaner has our organization working in collaboration with the Acharya Tulsi Cancer Treatment & Research Centre (ATCTRC).

From April 2019 to July November 2022, more than 11,716 people have availed access to holistic cancer care with the help of our on-going programs.

Active Programs include:

  1. CanSahyogi: Involves handholding and counseling sessions carried in hospital premises for each and every cancer patient of ATCTRC.
  2. CanChetna: A program meant to create awareness in various schools, colleges, universities and communities of Bikaner about the need to adopt a healthy lifestyle to prevent cancer and the importance of early detection for higher chances of survival.
  3. Satori:  A holistic care initiative started for the wellness of cancer patients in July 2018. Through this program, our SLBC Bikaner team has reached out to over 2900 cancer patients till date.
  4. CanAhaar: Nutritional Supplement Program for underprivileged cancer patients
    Helping patients meet their nutritional needs by providing them with essential nutrition boxes is the sole objective of this program.
  5. CanSaarthi: Through this program, we offer a certified and professional cancer caregivers' course with a preference for cancer victors themselves. It has seen the successful completion of three batches till date (phidigital format), which resulted in graduates.

Special Activities:

  1. Starting a Clothes Bank for cancer patients from economically weaker backgrounds.
  2. Setting up of a Toy Bank to uplift the moods of children battling cancer.
  3. Distributing blankets and utensils among underprivileged cancer patients.

Events Organized:

  1. World Cancer Day was organized with the aim of creating awareness about cancer-care and to eradicate the stigma associated with cancer.
  2. International Women's Day was celebrated with a focus on increasing awareness about the types of cancer affecting women and educating them on steps to prevent the same.
  3. Holi and Diwali festivals were celebrated with cancer patients at ATCTRC to help them deal with the idea of staying away from their homes and avoid feeling lonely about it.
  4. Children's Day was celebrated with children battling cancer to take their minds off the painful side of dealing with their illnesses.

Awards and Recognition:

Abhishek Joshi, Coordinator at SLBC (Bikaner), was awarded the 'Main Hoon Na' (Most Dependable Person) award at 2019's Golden Angel Awards.

Our Team members are

1. Abhishek Joshi - Sr. Program Coordinator

Our Intervention in the above hospital is supported through a grant by Mazagaon Dock Shipbuilders Limited Mazagaon Dock Shipbuilders Limited


To get in touch with our team you can write to us at [email protected] or Call us on our #Sanjeevani_India_Helpline - 8691000800