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We believe geographical restrictions should not limit one's access to gaining knowledge about cancer, its types, methods of treatment, and the different aspects of care it needs. Our YouTube channel was initiated to provide as many of our resources as possible to a digital audience. By notifying existing patients under our care programs and informing all the future patients we reach out to, about our repository of digitally recorded sessions, Sanjeevani aims to bring the world of cancer awareness and its various aspects of care at any patient's fingertips.

Right from information regarding all of the programs that we run to communications from doctors, faculty members, and other healthcare professionals, each and every form of expertise available with Sanjeevani is being uploaded on our official YouTube channel. Be wellness prompts such as the importance of adopting a healthier lifestyle, the significance of catching the right amount of sleep, etc. or testimonials from Sanjeevani's mentors, patients and cancer victors, the channel hosts content that covers the length and breadth of our offerings.

Recently, with the onset of COVID-19 making it near impossible for patients to reach out to their local hospitals to avail medical advice, Sanjevaani has also begun uploading complete sessions hosted by its Wellness faculty members who are experts in various fields such as psychotherapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Nutrition, Yoga, Meditation, etc. These sessions are hosted live on video-conferencing platforms and are also followed up with a QnA session at the end. With these sessions being run on a daily basis, even in a post-COVID-19 world, we aim to reduce the burden on cancer patients in such testing times, thus being prepared for more uncertain futures as well.

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If you’d like to be a part of this movement and our journey, you can take action today. You can volunteer with us here or Donate towards the change.

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