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Mentors Speak

“The very foundation on which Sanjeevani was setup is truly laudable that is helping patients."

Faculty Speak

“Seeing the smiling faces of all our patients energises me to work with even more vigour!”

Patients Speak

“Sanjeevani taught me a new way of life and I’m proud to be associated with Sanjeevani.”

Volunteers Speak

“I believe Sanjeevani is a great centre for uplifting the spirits of cancer patients.”

Our Team

A driven, talented, and keen bunch of individuals - believes in changing the world through the power of affirmative action.

Stories of Cancer Victors

The brave-hearted souls who fought and emerged victorious from the brutal war with cancer share their inspiring stories with us.

Media Room

Here’s a glimpse at all the lovely work Sanjeevani’s angels come together to do everyday — documented and sealed!


To say the very least, the team at Sanjeevani is involved in a flurry of activities all the time, so we made you a little bulletin board.

Sanjeevani Angels

Sanjeevani Angels is an initiative which empowers a Cancer Victor to spread hope and positivity to expand the boundaries of cancer care.


With first-hand experience in providing holistic care for cancer patients, join us and be a part of the fight against cancer.

Art For A Cause

A much-needed initiative coined by our Founder - this is a platform that aims to empower artists in helping cancer patients.

Awards & Recognition

Sanjeevani Life Beyond Cancer conferred with Silver Award in Innovation in Patient Centricity & Advocacy.

Program Videos
Inspirational Videos
Doctors Speak


The centre of our universe... 'Our Beneficiaries'