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Toy Bank


A source of distraction and comfort from the painful procedures involved in cancer treatment, toys can act as a cause for the development of feelings of joy and optimism in children dealing with cancer. For this reason, Sanjevaani's Toy Bank program aims to gift toys to children suffering from cancer so that they too can experience the aspects of mental growth arising out of the simple act of 'play', just like any other group of children.

For most of us, toys are generally available in our homes just lying around in a dusty old box in some corner of the storeroom. If we were to imagine the extent of the positive impact it would have on these children spending most of their lives inside the walls of a hospital ward, our own happiness would know no bounds.

In fact, when the idea of a Toy Bank was floated out to Sanjeevani's well-wishers, the very innocence of this initiative attracted a fabulous response from people. Toys and donations started flooding in our Chapters across the country and when presented with them, the children that were reached out to through this program had the most delightful smiles on their faces.

It might seem like a no-brainer for most of us, but the idea of playing with toys has been proven, by experts in the field of child psychology, to add cognitive, emotional and physical values to the lives of children. Not only do they develop a feeling of belongingness, but also look forward to having something that they can call their own.

An initiative undertaken by the Guwahati SLBC team, our Toy Bank program now sees people from all across the country donating in cash and kind to contribute towards bringing a smile on these children's faces. As a mark of transparency, Sanjeevani provides a receipt and also keeps the donors updated about how and when their donation amounts are being utilised. Since the initial days, the program has now gone on to enrich the lives of numerous children, and with your contributions, will continue to do so.

If you’d like to be a part of this movement and our journey, you can take action today. You can volunteer with us here or Donate towards the change