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Children's day celebration

As part of our Children’s Day celebration, the Sanjeevani Team at Kolkata organised a day of exciting activities for the pediatric ward of Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute. The children indulged in games and were thrilled and entertained with the many tricks a magician had up his sleeve. Time spent with the children had a positive effect on them as well as their parents.


World No Tobacco Day

As we recognise May 31 as World No Tobacco Day, Sanjeevani firmly stands for the fight against tobacco and cigarettes as it is widely known to affect all organs of the body and causes various  many diseases, including cancer.

Sanjeevani… Life Beyond Cancer in collaboration with the Lions Club organised a poster making contest and an essay competition for kids.


On World No Tobacco Day, the Sanjeevani team in Kolkata came together to organise an awareness drive at Aranghata Godhuli Lodge to raise awareness about the ill-effects of tobacco usage.  The team conducted a drawing contest between 30 students, which was followed by a music performance by Gitabitani Sangastha. 

Mr Sujit Kumar Hota, Lions club president delivered the welcome speech and shared his thoughts about Tobacco and Pediatric cancer. Dr. Ashis Mukherjee spoke to the audience about the effects of tobacco and second hand smoking/ exposure to smoking.

The event was graced by Mr. Saptorshi Sengupta (Secretary, Lion’s Club), Sri Kallol Banerjee (Panchayet Pradhan), Ms Shikha Biswas (Teacher, Aranghata School), Ms Manashi Biswas (Gram Panchayet Pradhan) and Shri Debasish Tarafder (Teacher).

Yoga Day

On the occasion of the 5th International Yoga Day, Sanjeevani… Life Beyond Cancer team in Kolkata organised a Yoga session for cancer patients and their family. The event was conducted by Dr Biswajit Manna, a pain management consultant and two Yoga therapists Sunita Dhar and Sanjukta Dey at Triangular Park 

This event was well received by the patients who found Dr. Manna’s session on mind and body connect with breathing to be very helpful. The patients also found the therapists’ session insightful as they understood the positive impact of yoga and pranayama on the side effects of cancer treatment.
At the end of the session, patients shared their problems and ailments. Dr. Manna and Mrs. Dhar addressed them patiently and shared tips on how to manage their pain. The session ended with the participants feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. 

Christmas Celebration

Sanjeevani... Life Beyond Cancer decided to spread joy and Christmas cheer at the pediatric ward of Chittaranjan Cancer National Institute. Here the Sanjeevani Kolkata team organised a puppet show for the children which was followed by activities for the children and their mothers. Santa Claus paid a visit to the ward with presents in tow. The children donned santa hats and had a lovely time as they snacked on Christmas specials and spent time with each other. 


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