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Dr Saraah Chimthanawala
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Dr Saraah Chimthanawala is a renowned Life Therapist, Homoeopath and an Alternative Therapy Practitioner & Counselor from India, with 29 years of dedicated service in curing and healing people, not just physically but holistically. Dr. Chimthanawala strongly endorses non-medicated, self-healing techniques thereby empowering people to cure them off their physical, psychic and other life’s ailments. As a medical practitioner, she believes in, promotes and preaches a holistic cure i.e. healing of Mind, Body, Heart & Soul, as a fundamental treatment for all illnesses. 

Alongwith an illustrious career and posthumous titles she holds, she is also a member counselor of Snehanchal (Nagpur) and Sanjeevani… Life Beyond Cancer (Mumbai) where she offers emotional and medical support to cancer patients.