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Mahaziver Master
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Mahaziver Master is an internationally certified physical therapist specializing in musculoskeletal sciences (orthopaedics) and is also a certified practitioner of the McKenzie Method of treatment (MDT - Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy). Having accumulated 8 years of experience working in a government-funded (municipal) public hospital; 3 of which included independent diagnosis and treatment of patients, Mahaziver has treated numerous patients in the Greater Mumbai Area through her private practice established in 2014. She has also treated many corporate patients for a large MNC between 2017-18.

Owing to her passion for improving the quality of life for the impoverished - she has conceptualized, led, and organized physical therapy camps for underprivileged Cancer survivors in Mumbai with the help of Sanjeevani. It has been her life's professional goal to boost awareness related to the substantial health benefits of exercise in elevating the quality of living, for those suffering from lifestyle disorders.

We all have the desire to strive for something larger than ourselves, trying to find purpose in a life filled with chaos – very few, however, succeed in their mission. The entire team at Sanjeevani strives daily to fulfil that purpose. They take the toughest medical diagnoses a patient can receive and turn it into a beautiful journey filled with kindness, knowledge, love, and compassion – thus leaving every patient or survivor they come in contact with, with the tools they need to help each other. Sanjeevani offers something at every stage of the disease – from diagnosis to treatment and holistic care well beyond recovery. It is an organisation that understands that cancer does not only physically and financially drain the patient but is also psychologically and spiritually exhausting. I am extremely honoured to be associated with an organisation that understands this holistic nature of treatment towards recovery and beyond.