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Preeyal Bhagcgandani
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Preeyal  Bhagchandani is a consultant Adult and Child  Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist. She has a special interest in infant-parent interaction as well as brief work with clients of all ages at points of crisis. She is also a counsellor who has a keen interest in applying newly researched proven ideas to the understanding and treatment of adults and families; in particular the unconscious aspects of the same.

She, in addition works as a consultant in hospitals, where she works with families who have children afflicted with cancer. She uses hypnotherapy for pain management in select cases. Furthermore, she has a long-standing interest in the emotional health of the physically and cognitively different. Being a very keen nature lover, she actively supports causes that encourage us to think and act green. She conjointly practices Yoga and meditation and uses music as a stress buster. She is attached to several schools and institutions and conducts corporate counselling workshops.

Sanjeevani offers the participants a safe and private place to talk about sensitive issues. Psychotherapy can help them better understand their symptoms and diagnosis,  decrease or eliminate symptoms of anxiety and depression, reduce and manage negative or destructive thoughts, feelings and behaviour. It helps them understand and process the effects of traumatic events, learn effective coping skills to manage difficult situations, establish new healthy behaviour and patterns. It teaches them to be more mindful and relaxed. More confident and at ease in social situations. Become a better caregiver and advocate for others.