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Sudha Rawat
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Mrs. Sudha Rawat started a Yoga & Meditation centre called 'V Stress Cure' back in 2009. She has put her heart and soul into making Yoga & Meditation accessible to people easily. Additionally, she has provided counselling to numerous people. She holds an M.A in Clinical Psychology and a Diploma in Yoga & Naturopathy. She's also a practising Sujok therapist. Apart from running a meditation centre, Mrs. Rawat also works with cancer patients in the capacity of a healer, naturopath and Sujok therapist.

"Cancer is a disease that eats a person inside out. A patient not only becomes weak physically but also mentally. While the doctors take care of removing the disease from the body, Sanjeevani takes care of removing the disease from one’s mind. With their personalised sessions of meditation, counselling, psychotherapy & naturopathy and many other sessions for cancer patients, Sanjeevani is helping these patients to retain their optimism and maintain a healthy emotional balance."