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Dr Ishani Patel
Gujarat Vidyapith, Ahmedabad
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Faculty at the Social Work Department

Gujarat Vidyapith, Ahmedabad

Our department of Social Work at the Gujarat Vidyapith got a great opportunity to work with Sanjeevani. Our students were connected with the activities of Sanjeevani in their fieldwork. They had a great learning experience while working with the employees of Sanjeevani to help the cancer patients in their healing process. With the on-field activities, we noticed a great difference among our students. They were being more responsible, kind and accurate in their work. The social workers' professional course not only gives a good career to the students but also helps them to change their perspective and become more generous and kind by helping those in need. Sanjeevani provided a great platform of fieldwork and job placements for our students. As a part of the field activities in Sanjeevani, our students learned to work with the cancer patients, they learned to recognize their psychological as well as social problems and also learned various skills of psychosocial support for the patients in different training and therapy sessions. Sanjeevani has also done a lot of useful work in the times of COVID-19 by providing online counselling and webinar on different motivational subjects to the cancer patients which I believe has been a great source of support for the patients to deal with their stress, anxiety, depression and other mental problems.