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Gousiaparveen Siddique
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MSW (Final Year)

Amity University, Mumbai


Hello! Committing myself to social work as a profession was one of the best decisions I've made. I was doubtful of what I would achieve and whether this is my calling. When I got the chance to work with Sanjeevani Life Beyond Cancer, without a second thought, I gave the interview and said yes. I had no idea what my roles and responsibilities would be, but I knew that I was going to learn a lot in this period. My parents have always been supportive of me so when I told them about the Sanjeevani they told me to learn as much as I could as not everyone is blessed with opportunities like this .It’s been 3 months since I’ve worked with  Sanjeevani as a Program Intern and yet I find that I still have so much to learn. This organization has given me a totally new perspective towards the profession. I feel just so grateful and blessed while counselling patients at Tata Hospital. It makes me happy to realise that I’m making a difference in their lives. Be it a hospital or on an online platform the happiness when I see on the patient's face just by hearing my voice, I feel incredibly lucky. This might have been impossible had Sanjeevani Life Beyond Cancer not given me the platform and a chance to learn.

Each and every person in the organization is so welcoming, our suggestions are taken in to consideration, one can freely give their opinion and if you stumble and make a mistake or going the wrong way, the guidance you receive puts you back on track in a friendly and constructive manner. Now, when I think about my profession, I believe that surely I am going to achieve and find my purpose and Sanjeevani Life Beyond Cancer truly contributed to this.