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Rajesh Purohit


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Diagnosed with CA-CML in 2014 left Rajesh Purohit in trauma. Feeling of helplessness had settled in by the time his treatment began in a hospital in Bikaner. This is where Sanjeevani’s team met him. During his initial treatment he dismissed the idea. He was in deep depression and could not think of anything. Sanjeevani life beyond cancer has a team that is persistent. They kept meeting Rajesh because they knew he needed help. Finally, Rajesh joined Sanjeevani’s wellness program. He now tells everyone, “You should never give up, fight the disease with strength because it depends on how your body fights back. Sanjeevani taught me how to equip my body to fight back cancer.” He started with practicing yoga, meditation and therapies that were taught at the wellness sessions. With Sanjeevani’s help he has built a healthy lifestyle.