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Rakesh Choudhary
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Rakesh Choudhary was diagnosed with Acute Leukemia (T Cells) in October 2015. This news devastated him and his family. What he needed was someone who would understand and empathise with him. Sanjeevani Angel become that ear who heard him. He was encouraged to join in Sanjeevani’s wellness program. This became a life changing experience for him. He says. “This community becomes the right set of people who can guide you through the hurdles that might come your way. At present, I am happy and doing well as a Senior Branch Manager in a bank with more energy & more passion for life than before.” Rakesh realised that the need for an emotional support system is as essential as a medical support system when someone is dealing a cancer like illness. This is where and Why Sanjeevani life beyond cancer’s role becomes important in each patient’s life.