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Tejal Choksi


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May 2019 Tejal was detected with breast cancer; this news didn’t break this science teacher so much. She went through 2 surgeries but as chemotherapy and radiation began, Tejal broke down. Dr. Maltiben, her family and friends all tried to uplift her spirits but could not. Sanjeevani’s team came in and along with Dr Maltiben they started working with Tejal. Things were already gloomy, and the lockdown began. This troubled her more but Sanjeevni was quick to go online with their patients and helped them to stay healthy and positive. Tejal says, “Sanjeevani boosted my spirits and relieved me of my tensions. The team was lifesaver during lockdown.” Being positive and treating the disease like any other is the mantra that Tejal follows now along with Sanjeevani’s life changing practices.