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Ria Jadhav
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During her first pregnancy the doctor informed Riya Jadhav that  she may have to  undergo  an abortion because of complications arising due to a tumour in her womb. She was instantly heartbroken but reluctantly agreed to it after her parents, husband and in laws encouraged her to, for the sake of her health. Not too long after the surgery did Ria experience symptoms of pregnancy. On consulting with her doctor she learned that she was going through a molar pregnancy, which was an abnormal growth in the uterus. When she was advised to go to Tata Memorial Hospital, she realised that the tumour was malignant and had been detected with cancer.

Through the course of her five month long treatment, she credits her husband and parents for acting as her pillars of strength. During one of her hospital friends, she happened to bump into an old friend, Vishaka who works with Sanjeevani. Vishaka suggested that she join the wellness program. Ria took her up on the advice and enrolled herself for a life changing course of action after. With the knowledge that she acquired from the course (in the field of knowledge, yoga, dance, reflexology, diet and nutrition, health and wellness, etc) combined with her experience with cancer, she decided to put this to good use and train under the CanSaarthi oncological caregiving course which could hold beneficial to someone, while shaping an identity of her own. The course period brought back memories from school and college days of having fun yet focusing on the course as she couldn’t afford to disappoint such an acclaimed faculty. She recounts that the course has given her many beautiful memories that she will cherish forever.

At the end of the course, she was placed at Tata Memorial Hospital where she assists the patients and counsels them, especially those who feel a sense of loss and hopelessness. She finds it immensely gratifying to be able to help patients come out of their misery. She states, “After being a part of Sanjeevani, I am back to being what I was before- carefree and happy.”

From her experience of being a victim of cancer to conquering it, she emphasises on the need for timely check-ups and diagnosis while also having sufficient and proper knowledge about the disease but  in  her  opinion the  best  way  to keep  any sickness away is by encouraging positive thinking and being happy. "Grab happiness from wherever you can" she says with a broad grin on her face.

"Grab happiness from wherever you can"