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Survivor Speak

A word derived from ancient Japanese Buddhist philosophy, 'Satori' means awakening. It is an inner sense of understanding of one's purpose of life. Bringing you the many inspiring tales of cancer victors from all over India, this section is our curation of stories meant to instil hope in those who feel they lack the courage to dare and encourage bravery in those who seem to have forgotten the potential they hold to transform their own realities.

Stories from our childhood, narrated to us by nurturing figures-of-influence in our lives, have always motivated us with a feeling of warmth and joy. After growing up as adults, however, we seem to have lost the enthusiasm to share the stories of our pain and agony with others. Be it due to the fear of others' judgement or the feeling of being too self-conscious, many reasons can inhibit us from saying the words that lie heavy in our hearts.

But sharing these tales can help us detach ourselves from suffering and thus view our lives objectively. In fact, our stories can further go on to inspire others while at the same time also open our hearts to be more receptive to their journeys. From complete strangers to near-and-dear ones, our founder Ruby Ahluwalia has shared the story of her own tryst with cancer with many people which spurred her to start 'Sanjeevani - Life Beyond Cancer.'

We hope that you too may find your purpose by reading about the inspiring stories of these brave souls.

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