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Kiran Jalan
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A cancer victor herself, Kiran a homemaker who loves the art of flower arrangements from reusable materials like coconut shells etc. She enjoys making flower decorations for parties and coming up with themes for various events alongwith her friends. It was on her visit to meet her son in the United States, that she was diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma . After returning to India, she went through 56 chemotherapies and with the support of her friends and family, Kiran successfully beat cancer! Not only has she attended Sanjeevani’s Wellness sessions but has also done a session on flower arrangements with them and usually known as the Master Decorator for our various 'CanFun' functions.

I am really happy with the work Sanjeevani is doing to support cancer patients. I received a lot of guidance in taking care of my health through yoga and nutrition. Ruby ma'am is so energetic and enthusiastic in spreading love, hope and awareness about handling life with cancer. The EFT and laughter sessions by Ms. Desiree were wonderful. I also have fond memories of counselling sessions with Preeyal and Bhairavi ma'am too. I believe Sanjeevani is a great centre for uplifting the spirits of cancer patients.