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Pratik Permey
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With a BA honours in Economics, Pratik Permey volunteers to work on social issues by associating with organisations like NSS, U&I, Sanjeevani Life Beyond Cancer and more. He is also a CEP Teacher and Counsellor at Snehalaya Paltan Bazaar (Voluntary). 

“Sanjeevani is a very unique organisation. From helping cancer patients recover to making them happy, it does everything The amount of love it showers on the patients as well as the volunteers and the employees is really special, it feels like a lovely family. I have been a part of a few events of this NGO and it feels like a safe space to cherish love and joy.

Not only did I experience a lot of new stuff but I have learnt a lot too,thanks for all the seminars, street dramas, stage experience and social working culture. Cancer is not an easy battle but 'Sanjeevani: Life Beyond Cancer' is clearly putting up a wonderful and strong fight against it. My best friend died of blood cancer 2 and a half years back, I couldn't help her as much as I should have. So, I wanted to help other people fight and I am thankful to Sanjeevani and especially my beloved Sumki Ma'am for letting me join this fight. If it weren’t for you, I would have never seen this beautiful side of helping people, making them happy and celebrating love.”