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Renu Gujarani
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With a B.Com LLB from Rajasthan University, Renu Gujrani has been working the last 7 years under the banner of Bikana Veera Kendra. She currently spearheads the Bikaner Veera Kendra as its chairperson. Her enthusiasm, social personality and her patience all lend feathers to her hat as a leader. Her organisation, Mahavir International is a 44 year old NGO based on the principles of Lord Mahavir which is to "LOVE ALL SERVE ALL" and "LIVE AND LET LIVE".

Cancer, the diagnosis itself can lead to a major breakdown, not only for the patient but also the caregivers. While all patients undergo treatment under medical professionals, not everyone receives or seeks help for balancing their emotional health. Sanjeevani has been beautifully bridging the gap for cancer patients across the country. The sessions offered by Sanjeevani focus on an individual's overall wellness, right from food intake to yoga to mental fitness. Since the sessions are offered at zero financial investment, it helps reach out to a large pool of individuals and creating a supportive community.