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Why should I be aware?

Awareness is the first step towards change and vulnerability can be a powerful tool to help you realize this change by harnessing it with the power of knowledge. Since to be aware is to be in control, the fear of the unknown can no longer hurt your soul. And with a fearless heart, you can now tap into your ability to be courageous not just for your good, but also for the good of those around you.


 In an effort to raise awareness about a healthy lifestyle, reduce stigma and raise the bar for cancer care in India, 'Sanjeevani- Life Beyond Cancer' undertakes awareness camps and workshops by collaborating with schools, colleges, hospitals, formal & informal groups of people.


Our hope lies in the belief that by being educated about the symptoms and methods of treatment will lead to making a mindful effort towards healthier lifestyle choices, earlier detection of cancer, which in turn results in a higher long-term survival rate. Know how early birds get the worm? Well the same way, early detections catch the tumour!


Apart from the ten intensive programs we work closely with, here are some more activities that we carry out throughout the year to start spreading awareness in every nook and corner of India.

National Level
Reconnect with Yourself
Vijay Utsav 
Drawing Competition on World No Tobacco Day 
Poster making contest for World No Tobacco Day
Poster Making Competition for World No Tobacco Day 
Virtual Awareness Camp
Bhogali bihu celebration 
Women’s Day 
Children's day celebration
Blanket Distribution