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Research Report : An assessment of the impact of Sanjeevani life beyond cancer’s Integrated Cancer Care Management Program

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Objectives of the study

1. Examining the effects of the wellness program - Satori, in the patients' lives

2. Testing the feasibility of the program's long-term effects for the patients

3. Evaluating the patients' response towards the overall quality of care experienced during the program


The Findings

The impact assessment was carried out by employing quantitative surveys and qualitative interviews with participants of four concurrent batches who were beneficiaries of the Satori Wellness program itself. When evaluated, the participants reported the following:


1. Lower negative Affect

2. Improved physical, cognitive & social functioning

3. Lower stress concerning finances

4. Lower physical pain and discomfort

5. Improvement in overall physical and mental health

6. High satisfaction with the overall quality of care


Way forward

The results of the assessment showed that the participants experienced a better understanding of the feelings of people around them and felt more in control of their emotions. Through the various facets of the 36-session program such as Psychotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Meditation, Yoga, Art-Based Therapy, Dance Movement Therapy, Reflexology and Nutrition, patients gained physical as well as mental benefits that stayed with them in the long run. They were also encouraged to adopt better food habits and ample exercising to move on to a healthier lifestyle.


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